Lucky Frogs


Lucky Frogs




The frog; a tiny, amphibious pond-dweller whose symbolic presence far exceeds its meager appearance. Throughout history, the frog has served as a symbol for a variety of different human emotions and cultural practices, throughout multiple religious mediums.  It is a symbol of joy, luck, and transformation – seen very clearly in the fairy tale of the princess who kissed a frog to transform him into a handsome prince. It is also a symbol of protection for children, as frogs naturally guard their offspring from egg to tadpole. In ancient Celtic times, the frog was considered the king of the earth and had healing and cleansing powers from its connection to life-giving rain. In China, the frog symbolizes fertility (from how many offspring a single frog can produce in its lifetime), good luck, and happiness with the family. It’s often incorporated into jewelry worn for luck and prosperity. The frog has an association with Christian mythology as well, as it’s viewed as a symbol of resurrection – the frog goes through three “resurrections” in its lifetime, from egg, to tadpole, to adult frog. The Egyptians praised the frog highly as a protection symbol over the soul being lead to the afterlife. Amulets would be placed with the deceased in the shape of frogs to guide them safely to the afterlife. Native Americans believed the frog was a sacred animal and represented wealth, good fortune, and success in life and in the family. One of their deities, the “Frog Woman” had the ability to protect all waters from harm. 




In Feng Shui practices, the “three legged money frog” is widely used to bring fortune to a home. Each of its three legs symbolizes financial success, wealth, and good health. It is also used to drive away evil and protect one’s wealth. The frog is often seen sitting on a bed of coins or holding a coin in its mouth. Many homes, offices, restaurants, and other places of commerce have a lucky frog in a corner of the room where the chi is strongest, or facing away from a door inward to the main room to bring in wealth. It can also be placed near a cash register to beckon in prosperity. For maximum effect, the lucky frog must be placed in a location where it clearly visible, allowing it to welcome success inter whatever establishment it happens to inhabit. 







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