Lucille Khornak Gallery Featured in KDHamptons

Lucille Khornak’s Gallery was featured in a KDHamptons article for being the first to host Eric Demarchelier’s work in the Hamptons.

Check out the full article here: Full KDHamptons Article

Thanks KDHamptons!


KDHamptons features Lucille Khornak Gallery for showing Eric Demarchelier’s work in the Hamptons


Holiday House in the Hamptons

Hamptons Holiday House-2

Holiday House in the Hamptons

If you haven’t had a chance to see the beautiful Holiday House in Water Mill this year, here’s a look at what you’re missing! There are so many gorgeous and amazing rooms on display. These photos from my recent visit are only a glimpse into what the Holiday House Hamptons has to offer.

The Holiday House is a designer showhouse dedicated to providing funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, a worthy cause. The design spaces are each themed around a special moment in life or a holiday that inspires the designer.

I encourage you to spend an afternoon exploring the rooms. I’m sure you will take away some great design ideas for your interiors.

I recommend checking out the garage by Barbara Ostrom, and upstairs take a look at the room by Melanie Roy! A fun surprise is the tennis court on the roof  – a concept that I found very unique and original!

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A Taste of Color 2016 – Lucille Khornak Southampton Gallery

southampton exhibition invite cover

The cover of the exhibition invite for ‘A Taste of Color 2016,’ showing at the Lucille Khornak Southampton Gallery, features the work of artists who will be a part of the show.

Looking for something fun to do next weekend? Already have things to do but want to add another event to your list? Then stop by the Lucille Khornak Gallery in Southampton to check out some amazing art! This will be our first big group show of the season and our second annual “Taste of Color” themed display. It will feature beautiful works by the following artists: Andre Costa, Stephen Caliguiri, Joe Chierchio, Patrick Duffy, Greg Hildebrandt, Anatoli Monov, Nancy Olivier, and Donna Sved. The colorful and engaging pieces all possess similarly playful tones, whether abstract or representational. Come see for yourself the vision of these many talented artists Saturday August, 20th from 5:00 to 7:00PM – We promise, you’ll be glad you did. 

a taste of color invite

‘A Taste of Color 2016,’ will be open at the Lucille Khornak Southampton Gallery, for a limited time only!!!

wow by joe chierchio

‘WOW’ by Joe Chierchio will be on exhibit at the Lucille Khornak Southampton Gallery

GH #55 Love at First Sight copy-cropped

‘Love at First Sight’ by Greg Hildebrandt

relapse by nancy olivier

‘Relapse’ by Nancy Olivier is on exhibit at the Lucille Khornak Southampton Gallery